Volunteer with us

Our volunteers are crucial. 
They offer a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for all our guests. 




Food Servers and Helpers

To set the tables, help the serve the food to guests, clean up before and after each session and help out with any general housekeeping tasks as they arise. If time permits, it is also a great opportunity to chat with the guests, providing companionship and support. 

Guest Greeter

Volunteers provide a warm welcome to everyone using Streetlytes drop-ins and assist during sessions. Working with at least one other volunteer, they will greet guests and monitor how many guests are accessing the drop-in. Any concerns for guest welfare or their behaviour will be reported back to the lead worker. Other responsibilities may include distributing practical supplies and other donated items or monitoring and patrolling external areas of the drop-in 

Kitchen Volunteer

Kitchen Volunteers help the lead cook in the kitchen, helping to deliver and maintain good working practice around food and hygiene. Again, kitchen volunteers normally need to arrive earlier than general volunteers as the meal preparation is the first priority. 

Lead Cook

A volunteer to take the lead in the kitchen. A menu is agreed beforehand with the project manager and they work with other kitchen volunteers. They are responsible for ensuring all food hygiene and safety standards are maintained throughout and good practice for other kitchen volunteers is adhered to. They cook a nutritious course meal for the guests, ensuring there is enough to cater for the number of guests which varies from week to week. The lead cook starts earlier than other volunteers in order to ensure all food preparation is up to date and the meal will be served on time.

Volunteer Fundraisers

We need your help to raise funds for Streetlytes. Please contact us for our more information if you would like to organise or take part in any sponsored event such as cycling challenges, runs, skydives, car boot sales. We welcome any suggestions for new fundraising opportunities.

We also need help sourcing funding opportunities from grants to donations. If you have experience of fundraising at any level we’d love to use your skills.

Volunteer Mentor

This is role involves the mentoring of new volunteers, supporting existing volunteers, working closely with the lead worker in the recruitment, induction, and retention of volunteers.  This role requires experience of volunteering and knowledge of the issues people who find themselves homeless face. 

Experienced Mentoring Volunteer

An invaluable part of what we offer is a welcoming environment for our guests, where they can spend time talking with volunteers. If you have experience of working in the homeless sector or in the field of mentoring, there are opportunities to talk with and provide support pathways for our guests. You’ll make referrals if and when required.  You’ll also record confidential feedback for the Project Manager - to aid evaluation of the drop-in and raise the profile of Streetlytes.

Specialist Volunteer

If you have a specialist skill which you are willing to offer to Streetlytes guests as part of our weekly drop in sessions, you could become a specialist volunteer. This could include providing a practical service such as hairdressing or podiatry, administrative support, evaluation and monitoring of services or running a workshop such as a legal clinic.

Volunteer Trainer

Volunteers can provide up to date & informative training for other volunteers in subjects in for which they are trained and competent. These may be one-off or regular events. Training or consultancy experience is also welcome and could be offered to volunteers or the board of trustees. 

Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you. Please drop us an email at garry@streetlytes.org