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Staff and volunteers at Streetlytes do great things, and the people who visit us each week have inspirational and amazing stories to tell. We spend most of our time cooking, eating with and supporting our guests, but when we have a chance to give you an update on our news, this is where you'll find it.

UCFB Wembley

UCFB Wembley, a world first higher education institution delivering university degrees in the football, sport and events industries inside the iconic Wembley Stadium, hosted a ‘sleepout’ outside Wembley Park underground station on Friday, 12th February 2016

As part of the organisation’s Community Outreach and Engagement programme, 25 UCFB students slept in front of the station to raise money and awareness of homelessness in London for Streetlytes.

Taking place from 7pm to 7am, UCFB students’ efforts aided Streetlytes’ aims to provide the basic necessities of food, clothing and housing without pre-conditions to the homeless and vulnerable people.

For more information on the Sleepout contact studentserviceswembley@ucfb.com.